Avant Garde LES presents a week long exhibition featuring the works of photographer Laurie Markiewicz and artist James Alicea, titled, “Days In The Life”. As committed partners for over six years they have discovered it is indeed ‘A Wonderful Life’. This show is an example of what it is to have true creative partnership through the medium of art. The couple’s mission of building partnerships with other artists had been realized through their organization, artist hub, 596ArtistUnion. Together they work with other artist’s to create community in artistic settings.

Welcome to their world.


“Days In The Life” is a collection of various works documenting
Markiewicz and Alicea’s daily experiences including:
• photography
• videos
• typography
• drawings
• paintings

THURSDAY JULY 21ST, 2016 TIME: 4:00pm-6:00pm

THURSDAY JULY 21ST, 2016 TIME: 6:00pm-10:00pm

MONDAY AUGUST 1ST , 2016 TIME: 11:00am-9:00pm


Laurie Markiewicz’ portfolio includes a variety of street, portrait, video and  lifestyle photography work. Most interested in visual ethnographies of those who occupy the worlds’ most diverse city, Laurie wants us to see. Her technique extracts visual onomatopoeia. Over  the last 10 years, as Markiewicz solidified her voice – it became necessary for her to expand her process. Incorporating photomontage and photo collage now round out her oeuvre.  An international Artist, Markiewicz has exhibited in galleries and spaces in New York City,  Philadelphia, the Netherlands, and Japan.

Laurie’s work as an early childhood educator and documentarian has allowed her into the intimate world of child development. Through her body of work, Markiewicz provides the viewer insight to Artists’ process and the child’s development, all in real time.

Her projects and work reflect her commitment to community building in the areas closest to  her heart. Laurie’s philanthropy touches supports some of our most vulnerable – from Autism to Lupus, as well as events promoting the visibility of female artists are well known. Laurie is a  New York City based photographer and educator.

James Alicea (BlusterOne©) is a native New Yorker. His talents as a graphic designer, illustrator and letter enthusiast have been the trinity on which his career is based. His voracious appetite for production is palpable. Influenced by R. Crumb his technique is playful and sometimes dark.  Alicea is the virtuoso of the character inspired letter.  While still a student at the High School of Art&Design he co-founded the successful graffiti-inspired clothing brand PNB Nation.  James, 13 years later, then founded Japanese clothing brand, AndSuns.

As a member of the art collectives, The Barnstormers and Fame City Kings, Alicea has traveled around the world on painting adventures that included infamous time-lapse videos, and  installations at the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art in North Carolina and Museo de Arte in Puerto Rico.

His work as a graphic artist has been sought by the Audubon Society, Nike, Giant Step, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Pro-Keds, New Balance, Blue Moon, Sportswear International and many more.

His collectors include Mark Labelle, Paul Rosenberg and Jay Z.