Avant Garde LES, in collaboration with Fourth of November and ReveAl Agency, are excited to announce, “Fear The Requiem”, a special pop-up exhibit featuring New York City’s own, one of he most infamous graffiti crews from Queens,NYC…FTR Crew.

Current Exhibit – Open to the Public

FTR is crew united by its members’ shared love of art and vandalism. While there is a complicated, yet fascinating line between graffiti and fine art, the collective has made a seamless transition into the art world in a unique way that does not categorize the work as simply “street graffiti”.

With Slash as the president, FTR has developed a unique movement and style of graffiti that completely stands on its own with transcending styles, and energy, deserving for a gallery presence.

The “Fear The Requiem” exhibition will not only showcase the collective’s debut in the Lower East Side gallery scene, but as well as its artistic re-birth as evolving fine artists. Slash and the crew’s incorporation of fine art elements into their work on the streets is pushing the concept of graffiti in a new and refreshing direction and we are thrilled to collaborate with them on their venture with this NYC debut.

The group exhibition will be held in New York City’s Lower East Side featuring a roster of internationally-renowned members including SLASH, JERMS, SUCH, GIZ, FADE, DESA, TOPAZ and PREZ.