Jerms and Topaz are two NY artists who have been on a mission doing hundreds of pieces and murals from 5 Pointz, to Art Basel, to The Hall of Fame in Harlem, to being featured on CNBC, several news channels, in music videos, a bevy of magazines and books, as well as several websites and social media pages. They have been commissioned to do artwork for tv, private homes, small businesses, fortune 500 companies, celebrities, and music festivals. This will be their first-ever duo gallery show.

They both have history in the hip hop community and music industry and will use this first gallery show to focus on their traditional graffiti and hip hop roots. Many of the pieces will incorporate Jerms’s wildstyle lettering and Topaz’s bboy characters. In an era where everyone is doing “street art”, Jerms and Topaz will be bringing art from the streets to the gallery. With Jerms also being a world renowned DJ who has toured for 17 years, it is also a unique opportunity for him to mesh his music with the art by having important people in hip hop attend this event and also provide the soundtrack on the turntables. It is going to be a fun and crowded evening of art and music.

Jerms and Topaz are two native New Yorkers who have been immersed in graffiti and hip hop culture since the late 80’s. Starting out separately on their own paths, they eventually teamed up to go on a mission and do hundreds of pieces and murals. In the last 5 years alone they have been invited to paint at places from 5Pointz, to Art Basel, to The Hall of Fame in Harlem, The Bushwick Collective, music festivals like Panorama, as well as several community mural projects around the 5 boroughs. Their artwork has appeared on primetime television shows such as The Profit on CNBC, to a plethora of news channels like Fox, NY1, Pix11, and News12, to music videos, magazines, books, and a bevy of websites and social media pages. They have been commissioned by small businesses, musicians, fortune 500 companies, art collectors, and tv shows for their artwork. In an era of everyone trying to beĀ  “street artists”, Jerms and Topaz have been doing art from the streets for decades. They bring a traditional form of graffiti with Jerms’ lettering styles and Topaz’s “bboy” characters.

Jerms aka DJ JS-1 has been a world renowned DJ, touring the world for the last decade and half, along with releasing several of his own albums and mixtapes. Being a member of the world famous Rock Steady Crew, including the hip hop culture in his artwork is a no-brainer. The combination of what Topaz brings with his wide range of character and background work along with Jerms’ pieces, is what makes this duo special. Many other artists can do one but not both. They have painted a vast array of concepts on walls from historical figures, to fantasy scenes, to sports stars, comic books characters, music icons, educational material, movie themes, mythological characters, and famous structures. Their journey together has produced numerous murals on walls but this is their first-ever duo gallery show. Once again, they’ll be doing what they love, keeping tradition alive, as well as providing a soundtrack for the evening using real turntables!